Is it true that there must be future blessings before death

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It is an old saying in China that "there will be future blessings if there is no death." it says that after suffering, if people survive, they will surely encounter good luck. Most of these words are just to comfort themselves or bless others, and there is no scientific necessity.
However, such a coincidence does happen in the world. It's a real thing. The story happened to a man in Serbia in 1962.
The Serbian man, named slak, is a music teacher who has loved music all his life. Mr. slake likes to travel. He often chooses to travel on holidays.
In 1962, slaker took a high-speed train to Belgrade. The high-speed train from Sarajevo to Belgrade is just in operation, which greatly shortens the traffic time between the two places. However, the passengers were very unlucky this time. When the train passed the Danube, it suddenly derailed and rushed into the river. Many passengers drowned, but slaker was lucky to escape. He broke the window of the train, climbed out, and finally swam to the bank.
In the winter of that year, slaker took a bus in the Croatian city of split. Unexpectedly, the bus, like the high-speed train he took last time, rushed out of the road and fell into the river. At this time, the river is cold, many passengers are frozen to death in the river. However, slaker swam to a safe place. To this end, he was also interviewed by Croatian state television.
There are even more dangerous coincidences on his way home from abroad to see his ailing mother. That time, he didn't catch the flight of the day, so he asked the airline to find a seat for him on the full plane. At his repeated pleas, the captain allowed slaker to sit with a stewardess. Along the way, the plane flew safely and smoothly. However, just before landing, the hatch of the plane suddenly opened for some reason. The huge air flow rushed into the cabin immediately, throwing slaker and the stewardess out of the cabin at the same time. They were dropped at a height of more than 100 meters. At that time, slaker thought it was a dead end. Coincidentally, however, slaker fell on the haystack, almost unharmed. But the stewardess who fell with him died.
After returning home, slaker, who had never bought a lottery ticket, bought one. A few weeks later, he was surprised to learn that the lottery he bought won him millions of pounds. The windfall changed his life a lot, bringing him a new car, a new house and even a yacht. To thank God for his attention in many accidents, slaker also built a new church for his hometown.
Is it true that there must be future blessings before death
Hu Ge also has such a true story.
On the evening of August 29, 2006, on the Jiaxing section of Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway, Hu Ge and her female assistant Zhang Mian had a rear-end collision with a van. Her assistant died of invalid rescue and her right eye was seriously injured.
Since then, Hu Ge has undergone two general anesthesia operations within four days, with more than 100 stitches sewn on her face and neck, and has been recuperating in Hong Kong. Hu Ge's "Legend of heroes of shooting sculpture" group also announced a suspension, waiting for Hu Ge to return to work; it is touching that the actors of the "shooting sculpture" group and his colleagues in the film and television of Tang Dynasty always support and encourage, there is only one wish, and Hu Ge will recover as soon as possible.
On October 25, 2006, the original plan was to release a new album for Hu Ge at the end of the year. The three previously recorded singles were made into EP "wish" and released. The main song "tell him I love him" conveys the aspirations of all people who pay attention to Hu Ge.
On the same day, Hu Ge, who has been resting in an apartment in Hong Kong, opened an exclusive column in a magazine to share his feelings and feelings with you for the first time. Cai Yinong, the agent, also gave an exclusive interview to introduce the whole story of the accident and the latest situation of Hu Ge.
In 2015, Langya bang, starring Hu Ge and Liu Tao, was launched, which caused great repercussions. The main plot of langyabang is that Lin Shu, the protagonist of langyabang, nearly died due to the changes of the imperial court, went through cruel torture and finally survived. However, his face changed from then on and became Mei Changshu later. Mei Changsu, on the other hand, enjoys the reputation of "winning the world with Mei Changsu", and finally assists King Jing to win the world.
The content of this TV play is a little different from Hu Ge's own experience, which is that there will be future blessings if there is no death, but after two disasters, it is really unable to return to the sky. At the end of langyabang, Mei Changsu died on the March because of illness.
Generally speaking, it's a truth that there must be future blessings if you don't die. So, when you survive through many tests of life and death, you might as well buy lottery tickets and win 5 million! (it's a kind of gambling, which may harm people and their families.)
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